Who I am

I am inquisitive. I like to learn new things, explore the nuances of familiar ideas and master subjects and skills that bring me joy. I am easily distracted, in part because I become enchanted with new ideas, new ways of looking at the world, and new openings into myself. I like to follow where my spirit leads. I seek to learn, grow, and become.

In my role as a dietitian working with the aging population, I have been confronted daily with the effects of lifestyle choices on aging and healing. Some of my clients are happy, surrounded by many people that love them and rehab quickly. Some of my clients are lonely, angry, scared and heal slowly or may continue to deteriorate. It is very clear that physical health is not just about your body functions, or even your mental functions, but is so much wider and deeper. I watched my father choose to continue to live a full life even as his body and mind deteriorated with the effects of Parkinson’s disease. After my father’s death, I watched my mother choose to slowly die rather than to live without him. What makes one person choose one path, while another person chooses a different path?

Because of this daily reminder of aging and its inexorable nature, I have explored what well-being means to me in an attempt to choose a path of health and well-being throughout my life. For me, well-being is composed of many aspects – social, spiritual, meaningful work, financial, relational, and environmental. I created this blog to explore how we define and make choices on the way to finding well-being.

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