The best is yet to come

One day IT hit me out of the blue. IT was so unexpected IT nearly took my breath away. I was speechless. In casual conversation, I mentioned being a redhead and the other person looked at me quizzically and said “you don’t have red hair.” What do you mean, I don’t have red hair?!?!? Of course, I have red hair. I have always had red hair! I still have red hair! Harumph!

Just like that, IT was there in my consciousness. Maybe, just maybe, my hair is no longer red…. I excused myself to the rest room and looked in the mirror. I had gray hair! I had wrinkles! How did this happen? When did this happen? Why did I not see it coming?

Let’s face IT. Aging happens. We don’t like to think about IT. WeDesign don’t really even expect IT, really. IT is what happens to other people, not me! But IT does. IT really wasn’t out the blue, or unexpected. But IT did sneak up on me; gently, quietly, persistently, so that I did not really even notice. Until that day, when I looked in the mirror and actually saw what was there, instead of the vision of myself that resides in my memory, in my view of myself. (I still look 27 in my vision.) The mirror showed me a different picture. I took a deep breath. Okay, I can do this…. I know I’m not 27 anymore…. I’ve known it for quite a while now…. So what if my hair is now pink, it is still a lovely shade….. My wrinkles are just laugh lines…. I am still becoming…..

Now that I have noticed, I can’t un-notice. I am embracing my aging. I am exploring and learning how to age gracefully. I want to be well now and through this second half of my life. I will laugh and play well and eat well and enjoy this time. The best is yet to come!


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4 thoughts on “The best is yet to come

  1. SHeila M

    Yes-I agree… I have recently embraced I’m not 25 anymore :-). For so long I jokingly told folks I was around 25 (rounded down…a lot) when they asked my age-I adapted an ageless point of view. I have had an aah haa moment or two recently as I have begun to feel awkward having a crush on most famous basketball and football players since they are young enough to be my children, I have never heard of most of the new and upcoming music artists, some store managers look like little kids, and I’m more conscious about short skirt and dress lengths. My hair is also changing colors (hate those stubborn gray hairs that refuse to cooperate) as I move into a new season in my life.
    I’m siked like never before as the future looks so bright from a wiser and more experienced point of view. I’m pursuing better health, not sweating the small stuff, choosing to do things I love, and living in the moment.

    We are not getting older we are getting better! Kudos for choosing a career that helps others live better lives. I wish you much success with your blog and business!

    1. Martha Higgins Post author

      Thank you! We are getting better every day! One of the advantages of getting a little wiser, is perspective on what matters – filling the here and now with love.

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