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Don’t worry!

A resident that lives at one my facilities just celebrated her 110th birthday this month. Yes, you read that correctly, one hundred and ten years! She is hard of hearing, and uses a wheelchair, but is mobile and fairly independent. When asked the key to her longevity, she will say… Read more »

First things first

In the early 90’s, the company that I worked for sent my consulting team to a weeklong training on Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. (I assume in hopes that all of us would become highly effective). This was many years ago, so the details are a bit… Read more »

Community (Part 1)

I have been thinking a lot about communities lately. I have thought about the communities to which I belong. What role do they play in my life? What would my life be like without them? I realize that my communities have brought me through the rough and rugged patches in… Read more »